Bada Darwaza, Purana Quila (Old Fort), Delhi

The Bada Darwaza – the `large gate’ – is currently the only entrance to the fort. Prior to the 1900s, a drawbridge here spanned the moat that encircled Purana Qila. This gate is a triple-storeyed structure tucked between two massive, curving bastions made of rubble masonry, and primarily dressed with deep red sandstone, relieved by inlays of white and greyish black marble. The two sixpointed stars on either side of the main arch are a common cosmic symbol used by Mughal-period builders. The second storey of the gate is pierced by three openings, of which the two outer ones are fronted by jharokhas (oriel windows) with some lovely tilework in blues and green.

Source: Old Indian Photos

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